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About Us

Our Vision + Mission

(n.) a flower growing freely without human intervention.

At Wildflower Atelier, we believe in a childhood with space and time to play and grow freely. The freedom to explore, create, and discover without expectations and guidelines allows children to experience the wonder and curiosity of childhood and develop at their own pace.

Our toys are made from nature + inspired by nature. They are designed to promote open-ended free creative play.

Our Products

  • Our products are made from natural materials. Our toys are made from wood and packaged in 100% organic cotton muslin reusable storage bags.
  • Our supplies are sourced from Canadian suppliers whenever possible.
  • Our products are not mass produced. Our toys are hand painted in our home studio, surrounded by nature and wildflowers.
  • Our toys are hand painted with non-toxic water based paint and sealed with a wood finish of 100% pure Canadian beeswax and 100% pure cold pressed jojoba oil. Our wood finish is handmade in our home studio.
  • Our products are made of superior quality and are designed to be passed on from child to child.


Meet the Maker

Owner, Maker

Juliet resides in rural Ontario, Canada where she spends her days homeschooling her own two young children among the wildflowers.

From their forest school adventures to spending quiet days in the playroom, Juliet has seen firsthand the imagination, creativity, and wonder children can possess when given the freedom and time to explore and play independently, free of timelines and expectations.

Juliet is a certified teacher with training in Montessori education. She draws her inspiration for the toys she creates from nature, Waldorf, and Montessori. She designs every piece to spark imagination and enhance creative play.