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Black Sensory Beans

Black Sensory Beans

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Add these sensory beans to a sensory table, bin, or tray. Combine with one of our play kits and wooden sensory tools for hours of imaginative play. Toddlers and preschoolers can develop their fine motor skills with scooping, pouring, and transferring.

Created by a trained teacher and is designed to:
⋒ Improve fine motor skills which enhances writing skills
⋒ Provide a calming, relaxing, and therapeutic experience
⋒ Foster creativity and imagination
⋒ Improve concentration
⋒ Enhance language, math, and science skills
⋒ Develop hand-eye coordination
⋒ Increase curiosity and knowledge

- One package of sensory beans. Approximately 2 cups.

These beans contain no dyes, they are black beans.